Maire Valdma is passionate Estonian fashion designer. She makes unique hand-painted and printed pure silk dresses. She finished Fashion Art in Estonian National Art Institute in 1985. Her creative endeavours started during her studies when she was one of the initiators and participants of ERKI fashion show. The show is still taking place every year and has become an important stepping stone for young Estonian fashion designers.


"I have been involved with arts for years. Every profession needs time and dedication for growth. I went studying arts because I was captivated by the mysterious enchantment and nobility."


She has also worked as an art teacher, designer in knit production association and been a gallerist and artist in her own gallery called Müürigalerii. Müürigalerii was an art gallery in Tallinn Old Town during 1995-2011. From 2007 she has again started putting more focus on fashion design. She has made a number of custom works and collections for exhibitions.


"Hand-painted silk is so ethereal, momentary, fast and graphical. It is enchanting and captivating to make a connection in your soul with distant lands and history. Uniqueness of a silk painting encourages me and gives me new ideas. So far, it has been a heady journey."

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